Introducing Wavepaths


Creating a truly person-centred therapy session has never been easier. Wavepaths lets you create musical experiences that sync with your client’s emotional needs in real time.


“The Psychedelic Revolution is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Be the Same.”


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A breakthrough musical tool for psychotherapists

Wavepaths empowers you to reach the highest possible standard of client care with music. 

By signing up for Wavepaths, you’ll enjoy:

  • Unparalleled confidence and control over the therapeutic environment. Adapt to your client’s musical preferences and emotional needs in real time with our intuitive interface.

  • A new sense of presence and connection with your client. No more scrolling through playlists mid-session.  Enjoy contributions from world class artists like Jon Hopkins, Greg Haines, Pascal Savy and more.

  • Research-backed musical scores, optimised to nurture deeper states of self-discovery. Designed to aid in therapy for anxiety, depression, PTSD and other psychological conditions - with or without psychedelic assistance.

  • Practitioner education and training through the private Wavepaths community. Master the use of person-centred music through educational content and experiential events. Learn and contribute alongside like-minded peers, experts and thought leaders in the space, including Robin Carhartt Harris, Jeffery Guss, Alicia Danforth and many more. 


“People describing how the music has been cathartic … I can’t really ask for more than that. Progressing beyond simply making records and then performing them, is what lies ahead. And that is of course why I’m involved in Wavepaths.”

- Jon Hopkins (award winning artist and Wavepaths composer)


Experience as Medicine


“So continually impressed w/ @MendelKaelen's platform, @wavepaths. The quality & thoroughness of both the service and the team leaves me aspiring to do greater. If you are a therapist looking for an incredibly malleable and scalable tool in this space, I can't recommend it enough.”

- REMAP Therapeutics

Frequently Asked Questions

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At this time, we're only enrolling practitioners. We do plan on releasing an individual experience in the future, so check back often.

We charge a transparent fee based on the number of sessions you run per month. Please join the waitlist to get the latest on pricing.

We have student discounts available through our academic partners such as Fluence. Please reach out to your training body to find out if a discount is available, or contact us directly.

We’re honoured to provide pro bono support - both tools and training - to bodies working to further psychedelic research or support vulnerable populations. Please email to explore how we may be able to support you.


"The physical sensations were unlike anything I’d ever experienced – especially from the music itself, which uncannily felt like it was speaking to me directly. As weird as it sounds, it felt like it was holding me in its arms and telling me everything was going to be ok." 

Zoe Cormier,


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